The endless hypocrisy of SF-IRA

I write concerning the recent Westminster Defence Select Committee's recommendation that a 'statute of limitations' should be adopted concerning the alleged commission of historic offences by our armed forces during the conflict in NI and the hypocritical response by Sinn Fein, in particular, Gerry Kelly who has been articulating his views in the media.

The police and army stood between society and terror during the Troubles
The police and army stood between society and terror during the Troubles

Kelly has stated that the prevention of the British Armed Forces being convicted of historic offences is an insult to victims and survivors.

Does he think that the early prison release scheme and the issue of letters of comfort for which he acted as a conduit was not?

He further said, “there can be no immunity for people who have murdered Irish citizens, everyone should be equal before the law”. However, the reality is that the law is unequal, it has favoured IRA and loyalist terrorist groupings and to suggest that British citizens murdered by the IRA are not deserving of justice is a real not imagined insult to any victim or reasonable person.

Kelly, by highlighting only “Irish victims” further implies that there is or should be a hierarchy of victims and that those aligned as British or Northern Ireland do not matter. This demonstrates a lack of equality, respect and sensitivity.

The hypocrisy of SF-IRA is endless. They complain about “shoot to kill” yet this is exactly how they operated for over 30 years.

They have the audacity to complain about the shooting of unarmed IRA members yet the same IRA shot, killed, bombed and maimed our police officers, members of the Army, judiciary, their family members, and innocent adults and children going about their daily business.

Where would we have been without our brave security forces who fearlessly carried out their duty, never going out with the intention to kill anyone and who stood between us and the unjustified terror inflicted upon us?

Gerry Kelly is a hypocrite and is in no position to give lectures about who should or should not, be prosecuted.

I say this because he is the holder of the Royal Prerogative of Mercy, I believe, for his involvement along with others in the bombing of the Old Bailey and a Government Department in London in 1973 when one person was murdered and over 200 injured.

Also, during the Maze escape in 1983 he shot a prison officer in the head. In 1986, when captured in Amsterdam along with one other IRA escapee, Dutch police recovered amongst other items, 14 rifles and 100,000 rounds of ammunition.

I sympathise with all victims and survivors no matter who the perpetrators but Gerry Kelly and SF cannot have it both ways and the imbalance requires to be redressed.

Izzy Whyte, BT25 Co Down