EU controls our immigration policy

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New figures show that last year 270,000 people came to settle in the UK just from the EU.

Under a government that got elected on the promise to reduce total immigration to the tens of thousands. Immigration is a symbol of lost democratic control.

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

Taking in a city the size of Oxford every year is building pressure on GPs, hospitals, and schools. It’s intensifying our housing shortage. Such is not sustainable.

The bigger issue however is what it represents: the supremacy of EU law; the powerlessness of Parliament; the irrelevance of elections. No government can control immigration when the EU controls our immigration policy.

Increasingly, the way we vote changes the people in office, but not the people in power. EU bureaucrats and judges make many of our laws, but we have no mechanism to hold them to account, or kick them out.

Democracy isn’t a romantic ideal. It’s a safeguard. It makes sure that the interests of the government align with the interests of the people. As EU members, we don’t have that safeguard.

A majority of British voters may want controlled immigration, but the Eurocrats don’t – and it’s their will that counts.

If we stay in the EU, we will continue to be governed by people who don’t have our interests at heart. There’s no greater political risk than that.

Its clear enough that SF, SNP and others are pro remain because they wish to destroy our British identity and make our nation subservient to EU bureaucrats in Brussels. All unionists must awaken to this and Vote Leave on 23rd June.

Raymond Stewart, Newtownabbey