EU trying to deter further breakup by making Brexit as hard as possible

I totally agree with the former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab that Britain should not be bullied by the EU, who seem to be backing up the Republic of Ireland government agenda.

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

What the point of leaving if we are still going to be under EU rules and regulations for the next two years?

Brexit means Brexit so we can take back control of our borders our laws and financial affairs.

What has been suggested for Northern Ireland we will be neither in or out of Europe. The French and Germans, as the two main players in the EU, are trying to dictate what Britain can and can’t do.

The majority of voters of Great Britain and Northern Ireland voted to leave as one nation. So get out once and for all.

The the more the talks drag on, the more complicated things seems to get. This is maybe to make other countries who may be thinking of leaving in the future take note, that ‘it’s not a straightforward as I first thought’.

Stephen Hanna, Bushmills