Expecting harmony towards unionists from Sinn Fein and their hate fuelled republican ilk is like expecting penguins to fly to the moon

In recent times there has been a number of continuing headlines regarding the unification of Ireland, including that relating to a letter containing 1,000 signatures, as published in the Irish News and the Irish Times on November 4 2019, from an elitist group calling itself ‘Ireland’s future.’

Wednesday, 6th November 2019, 12:00 pm
Letter to the editor

In brief, the group is urging the formation of a citizens assembly to examine, and obviously to promote, Irish unity.

The letter also embraces the issue of Brexit and those who wish to remain in the European Union.

Firstly, I think it’s quite reasonable for outside observers to ask as to who this elite, self-appointed group representing the academia, arts and businesses think they are in interfering with the constitution of Northern Ireland and the rights of the British and pro-unionist peoples therein.

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Interference that also extends to the democratic outcome of the UK’s European Union Referendum of 2016.

Evidently the Irish history books and newspapers that adorn their libraries, not to mention their wall to wall flat screen TV sets, are devoid of any mention to the centuries of hatred towards the same British and pro-unionist peoples, as championed with great vigour by Sinn Fein and their now dormant IRA activists.

Are they blind to such hatred as witnessed by the rest of us outside Omagh Court House for example on 12 October 12 past?

Then we have the continuous celebrations of the IRA’s slaughterous past and commemorations to their hunger strikers.

At times Sinn Fein’s MEP, MPs and local councillors have goading on their baying audiences!

In another Irish Times article of October 26 — ‘Dublin must reassure Unionists in relation to United Ireland,’ Noel Dorr goes to great pains to clarify that a united Ireland would only be ‘wanted’ if it could be achieved through ‘harmony and friendship’ in accordance with Article 3 of the Irish constitution.

Expecting harmony and or friendship towards the pro-unionist peoples from Sinn Fein and their hate fuelled republican ilk is akin to expecting penguins to fly off to the moon — it’s never going to happen, but if a united Ireland ever does otherwise come about it’ll not be, I imagine, the elitist ‘Ireland’s Future’ group who’ll be left to their mercy!

It’s little wonder then that the ‘Youth in the North have little appetite for united Ireland’ either, as per Justine McCarty’s article in the Sunday Times dated October 27!

Archibald Toner, Dromore, Co Down