Fake designations to revive Stormont will not work

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Dr Bernard Mulholland’s recent letter (‘Could DUP act as temporary nationalists to revive Stormont?,’ Jan 11) sets out a rather devious means by which Stormont could rise from the ashes without the agreement of Sinn Fein.

His proposed mechanism includes, inter alia, unionists pretending to be nationalists in order to meet the technical requirements of Standing Orders.

Dr Mulholland seems to ignore the fact that procedures require MLAs to declare their true political affiliation — not what is their flag of convenience.

It would be a particularly inauspicious start to any new legislature if, on day one, the new structures were to be agreed on the basis of declared affiliations which everyone knew to be fake.

Inevitably the new assembly would enjoy no more credibility that it’s forerunner.

I feel like I’ve taken his bait — Dr Mulholland can’t really be serious!

The only realistic way forward is to ditch mandatory coalition.

Cliff Cardwell, Co Londonderry