Fortune favours the brave, so PM should benefit

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

If anyone doubted the sincerity of Britain’s prime minister regarding Brexit, Theresa May put those fears to bed, by declaring a general election on the June 8.

Fortune favours the brave comes to mind, as it was a brave but necessary decision for the prime minister to take, as she will, or should have, her political hand strengthened after the result of the election.

It is imperative for the British public to vote.

That should ensure Theresa May benefits from holding an upper hand in any negotiations with the European Union towards Britain returning to being once again, an independent nation of self government.

Come election day, the people must decide whether to be proud to walk tall, with their heads held high, and vote for those who you can personally hold responsible in governing your life, or be subjected to being governed by a collection of foreign political misfits, including those British MEPs that automatically puts their own interests before yours.

I know where my vote will go.

Harry Stephenson, Kircubbin, Co Down