Gay people are born gay: accept it

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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I read Colin Nevin’s letter with much interest and sadness.

‘It was God vs gay deisre: I chose God’, Nov 3.

My response is that you are what you are and that is not going to change, no matter how much you wish it and how much you pray for it to be otherwise.

Gay people are born gay, they don’t chose that lifestyle.

If you believe in God, which you obviously do, then you would have to conclude that he/she made you that way.

You will only get peace of mind if you accept the situation, but realise the majority of evangelicals will shun you, as you have found, including firing you from your job.

This is the discrimination that gay people suffer all the time.

I get the distinct impression that because the Bible condemns the act you think it must be wrong. If you accept that line of reasoning then the heinous crime of slavery must be OK as there are at least 20 quotes in the Bible supporting the practice. Also adulterers and blasphemers should be stoned to death, I could go on and on.

Your Dad was quite right in saying that if you were to stand up and confess then so should the congregation that was condemning you.

Accept what you are, Colin, and get on with life.

Andy Barr, Bangor