Gay relations defy God’s Word – just like a great many other things

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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I read with some interest a letter from councillor John Finlay to DUP party officers (News Letter report,May 8) in which he stated Ian Paisley must be “turning in his grave” at the DUP’s first openly gay councillor.

DUP gay candidate row: Dr Paisley must be turning in his grave, says councillor

This letter reveals a number of fault lines, not only in the thinking of John Finlay, but of many who have commented on this issue in recent days.

Surely John Finlay can remember that in 1996 Ian Paisley stated: “What a man does in his private life is his own business.”

Surely if these words applied 1996 they also applies to Alison Bennington in 2019.

There is a disappointing lack of clear thinking as to what is meant by “openly gay”.

Do we conclude that if a person declares themselves to be “openly gay” they are in a same sex relationship?

Being ‘gay’, as in having a same sex attraction, and being in a same sex relationship, are two very different things.

John Finlay is of course quite right to point out that a same sex relationship is not in keeping with God’s Word.

He should however consider other behaviour which is equally not in keeping with Scripture, and underscored in God’s moral law; the Ten Commandments.

What about any candidates who are “openly adulterous” (You shall not commit adultery) or who “openly lie” (You shall not bear false witness)?

Perhaps John Finlay could inform us if he has written to party officers in the same tone about adultery and lying as he has about a candidate being ‘openly gay’ – whatever that means.

Why is this issue of same sex relationships being highlighted above all other sins prohibited in scripture?

Brian Kennaway (Rev), south Antrim