God created everything for a reason

I would like to if I may refer to two issues of interest recently.

Wednesday, 18th July 2018, 10:09 am
Updated Wednesday, 18th July 2018, 10:13 am

In conclusion to correspondence regarding the church and gay marriage, Mr Desmond Quaite (‘Churches take a scriptural stance regarding marriage,’ July 14) referenced correctly Gal 6:7 in that God is not mocked .

In stark contrast we have a letter from Mr Richard Craig the same day mockingly referring to gay Christians and in the very first paragraph excludes the word of God to the elevation of social evolution and the LGBT ideology as the guiding principles of morality.

I would like say to Mr Craig that God created everything for a reason including divine human intimacy for the procreation of children and the LGBT lifestyle is everything that is opposed to God and his natural order of things.

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No God, no meaning, no values and no morality, 1st John 1-9 No one of God makes a practice of sinning.

It is clear the country is morally bankrupt but judging by the intrusive new powers being given to the tax authorities to excess our bank accounts without permission or holders being notified, so that the state can increasingly take more of the disposal income from the working families, shows we are financially bankrupt as well.

Leslie Marshall, Trandragee