God is not dead, but the church nearly is

'Is God Dead?'

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 15th September 2016, 11:38 am
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 1:47 pm
The world has rejected the Bible for its own wisdom
The world has rejected the Bible for its own wisdom

Many people are asking this question: “What relevance is God in today’s society?”

It was Friedrich Nietzsche the German Philosopher who in his work “The Gay Science” had a mad man declare that God is dead.

However, is God dead, or is it that God’s representative the church has lost its voice and is nearly dead due to being infected by the killer disease of compromise?

Jesus Christ Himself when asked in the Temple compound “Should we pay Taxes to Caesar?” replied in Matthew 22:15-22 “Give/Render what is due to Caesar and to God what is God’s”.

In simple terms obey the laws of the nation you live within, however, where these laws come against God’s teachings then it is right to resist publicly.

God’s laws/teachings within the Bible are not there to control humanity, but rather to put in place guidelines which if followed guarantees a society where the poor are protected, justice cannot be bought, marriage/family life is cherished, work forces cannot be exploited, hunger is frowned upon, unjust wars, murder, jealousy/envy coveting is done away with, truth is upheld etc.

Today, however, our world has abandoned God and the Bible, preferring instead to follow its own teachings and wisdom where life threatening symptoms such as murder is common place, crime is rampant, truth is despised, justice for the poor virtually non-existent, homelessness on the increase, family life attacked via adultery, abortion, pornography, sex trade, same sex marriage, mothers abandoned, living together encouraged then moving to different partners, etc. world hunger has increased alongside wars/conflicts around the world, work forces exploited at home and abroad.

The shout goes out: “Where is God, and why is He allowing all of this suffering?”

Addictive substance abuse, self-harming, and suicide rates continue to rise and people struggle to believe even in themselves, again the question arises “Where is God, and why has He gone away, is He Dead?”

God’s answer to that question is an emphatic “No” in that He formulated an emergency plan that was administered by His Son Jesus Christ called Salvation (John 3:16) to be released through His accident and emergency departments around the world known as churches, whose employees/representatives were known as Christians.

Unfortunately over the last hundred years these centres/churches were contaminated by a deadly virus called ‘compromise’ resulting in major areas of deadly contamination, where services ceased due to low employee availability and non-supply of the emergency vaccine’s identified as Love, Mercy, Forgiveness, Generosity, Kindness, Hospitality, Goodness, Gentleness, Holiness/Truthfulness, etc.

However, recent upsurges in employee levels has enabled the reopening of centres/churches equipped with two new vaccines alongside existing vaccines called Spirit anointed Prayer and Creationism.

Together they combat the infections of atheism, humanism and evolution that have resulted in humanity’s and the world’s decline and if taken as a regular prescription can restore levels of understanding and Wisdom of God rapidly, as well as relieving the symptoms caused by the world’s rejection of the Bible for its own wisdom.

“God is not Dead, He is only a house call away from your heart”.

• Pastor Paul S Burns, Adullam Christian Fellowship Church, Sandy Row, Belfast