The great Brexit betrayal by PM

Theresa May's speech in Florence was a betrayal of around 17.5 million people.

For her to continue along the path of uncontrolled immigration for at least another two years after 2019 is not what the majority voted for.

It seems that the Remainers in the Tory party have got their way. She is putting a money offer on the table even before we have a trade deal.

This is showing her hand before the game is even close to a conclusion. She has not even made it clear if over this extended time we will be under the authority of the European Court of Justice.

A key factor which has allowed the Tory party to go against the will off the people is the resignation of Nigel Farage as Ukip leader.

This also applies to the Labour Party, having changed their manifesto before the elections, who now wan to stay in the single market and the customs union.

I do not know the reason for Farage resigning, but his country needs him! When he resigned, many seemed to return to the main parties as Ukip struggled to fill the leadership position and with party discipline.

A return of Farage would see the pressure back on the Tories and especially the Labour Party who have deceived their voters into returning to them.

Many of the political class seem to have lorded it over the ordinary British people, or at least they have managed to stifle the wishes of the majority of the UK.

If this extension runs its course, it would take us to the next general election. Hopefully, this will see a resurgence of Ukip and Nigel Farage and stop the betrayal of the British people.

John Mulholland, Doagh