Gregory Campbell: Sinn Fein hypocrites hide behind demand for ‘equality’

Gregory Campbell said Sinn Fein's reasoning was becoming 'increasingly bizarre'
Gregory Campbell said Sinn Fein's reasoning was becoming 'increasingly bizarre'

Sinn Fein are trying to turn not just the current Assembly election campaign but politics more generally into some perverted battle for ‘Equality’.

They are using posters with the theme, it features on their broadcasts and in their press statements.

This is done as they know the age old theme of a united Ireland doesn’t wash anymore and they hope against hope that the ‘demand for equality’ will gain more traction with a new generation.

The problem Irish republicans have is that the 21st century facts don’t stack up at all well for them in their campaign.

They are making their demand for an Irish Language Act a priority, they do this in spite of the fact that the Irish language has received more funding than Ulster Scots over decades.

In recent years DUP ministers have been endeavouring to introduce a more level playing field while Sinn Fein have objected to this equality.

Irish has received such advantageous treatment that an Irish language school in my own constituency was started some time ago when Sinn Fein had the Education ministry, the problem was that it only had three local pupils!

They are trying to make their own community believe they are being disadvantaged despite the reality which demonstrates the opposite.

The issue of legacy also comes up frequently from Sinn Fein, they are pressing for openness from the state in examining what happened during the Troubles.

They do this at the same time as there is no openness whatsoever from the republican movement about the numerous atrocities that movement carried out.

All of those who joined the IRA were 100% committed to the gory activities which the Provos existed to carry out, but they demand that some soldiers whose job it was to prevent the wholesale slaughter, and who had to respond in exceptionally difficult circumstances must be pursued and prosecuted even if they have previously been questioned with no prosecutions being recommended.

Again some of them demand the right to demonstrate but have denied that right to peaceful veterans in Londonderry just last week when threats were made against a peaceful parade and wreath laying ceremony next month.

Irish republicans through the 1980s and 1990s were becoming used to gaining votes, in the more recent past they have had to get used to losing them.

This is why they have thrown the democratic rattles out of the pram and caused this election.

This is a desperate attempt to re–invent clichés from the dim and distant past with no prospect of offering hope for the future.

We all have to rise above these fantasy policies which have no basis in fact, ‘alternative facts’ has become the latest phrase to be imported from the USA it is ironic that those who engage in it are so opposed to those in America who coined the phrase.

• Gregory Campbell is the DUP MP for East Londonderry