I detect echoes of Ian Paisley in Boris Johnson’s style

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Sixty years ago I saw a young Paisley – who had a degree of charisma, and developed a following to destroy the established order to peddle a narrow idea – who didn’t necessarily abide by the ordinary courtesies which make life more pleasant.

He did not seem to have a vision of what would be the result of his years of dominance. Today we see it in all the squalor of the electoral processing, the Assembly, and with RHI (and of course others).

Incompetence, greed, immorality – call it what you will.

Of course the violent opposition which grew during that time is also greatly at fault. But do we see the start of the same happening in England.

Boris Johnson has some of the Paisley characteristics. He has charisma, has a considerable command of language, he doesn’t worry unduly who or how he offends, he has a goal of self promotion, and is happy to destroy the EU with no plan to retain for the ordinary people the advantages brought by the EU, and to eliminate the disadvantages.

Pity help us if DUP and its nemesis remain unreconstructed and Boris achieves his ambition.

Tom Ekin, Belfast BT9