I have voted since I turned 18 but intend to spoil my ballot


The current Assembly has failed to deliver for the citizens of Northern Ireland with our elected MLAs spending more time arguing over minor disputes and not concentrating on the significant issues that effect all of us.

There has been very little if any good news that has come out of the Assembly in its current term.

Although the Assembly elections do not take place until next year, it will be too late at that stage for us as a population to get the political parties in Northern Ireland to stop their petty squabbling and work together for the people. Therefore the forthcoming Westminster elections give us an excellent opportunity to fire a shot across the bow of every party that sits in Stormont by going out to vote but spoiling our ballot.

Before individuals start to shout that people died so we could vote, people died to give us the ‘right’ to vote.

Going into a polling booth and spoiling our ballot is exercising our vote.

I have voted in every single election since I turned eighteen so this is me taking a stance.

Another reason that some will disagree with spoiling a vote is that the ‘other side’ will get elected.

This goes well beyond that argument.

Ideally we should be voting to elect someone in not to stop another candidate.

We have a unique opportunity to let our voices be heard. Imagine the impact that this would have on all the political parties if the largest percentage of votes cast were spoilt. It would send a message loud and clear that our MLAs have a year to improve.

Peter Hughes,