I was optimistic about the New Approach even before this deal, and still am

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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Before New Decade New Approach agreement to go back into government, I was optimistic about progress.

Since 1960s I have seen little but belligerence, negativity, sectarianism, pointless violence, squandering not only of cash handouts but goodwill and opportunity.

We surely couldn’t have gone much further down the path to ultimate destruction than our causing the nurses to strike. Thank goodness the nurses had the fortitude to show leadership which was lacking elsewhere.

So where do we go from here? Small steps have been taken, much talk about policy, and plans, and aspirations.

We have had the begging bowl out many times over the years, but we have squandered the largesse. We have not delivered many of projects through incompetence, fear of decision making and of course naked sectarianism and insularity.

The problems are well known to politicians and many others. So let us set dates for completion of projects with cash projections, starting with the Bengoa plan for improving health, speeding the removal of barriers in the city; building transport links. These will be difficult but they must be done if this government is to regain any credibility.

Let’s get business discipline into project planning with dates for completion and costs and widely publish them so that we all can see if progress is being made.

Demonstrate accountability and collective responsibility. I am still optimistic

Tom Ekin, Belfast BT9