If Adams wants action on past, SF should tell more about terrorism

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Once again the erstwhile leader of Sinn Fein Gerry Adams TD calls on the Irish and British governments to implement that part of the Stormont House Agreement (SHA) dealing with the past.

There is no doubt that many of us unionists and nationalists would like to see some way of dealing with the past and would like to see the many historical investigations brought to a conclusion.

A pathway has been established within the Agreement, but, Mr Adams knows that the SHA is a jigsaw and you can’t take pieces out if it to suit your requirements without the jigsaw falling apart.

If Mr Adams is suggesting that the two governments can proceed as he suggests with that part of the deal, then would he be happy if a similar request by me to deal with welfare reform was progressed?

Unfortunately for Mr Adams and his cohorts this jigsaw is complete and was put together by the five political parties in the Executive. Agreement was reached and the welfare bill should have progressed through Stormont, a bill which gives far better support for those in need here in the North than their counterparts in the remainder of the United Kingdom.

This agreement was blocked by Sinn Fein Leadership in the south supported by Mr Adams.

For too long Sinn Fein have been able to make demands of the two governments and have managed to squeeze concessions, letters of comfort and whatever they desired at will.

That time has hopefully stopped. Reality must kick in, if Sinn Fein want the historical investigations work started they sign up to and enact the agreement. There can be no other way forward, it was clear to them from day one this is a case of ‘all or nothing’.

In relation to historical investigations perhaps Mr Adams would also now publicly assure both governments and we the citizens of Ireland, North and South, that he as leader of Sinn Fein will ensure all information that any Sinn Fein politician has on the many acts of terrorism we witnessed over a 35 year campaign will be given to the police.

Mr Adams may also wish to reconsider his position in relation to his membership of the IRA and as a leader of a party that had clear links with the Provisional IRA he may wish to provide names of all the various leaders and members of that group that he associated with and indeed encourage all Provisional IRA members to go to their local police stations and make statements on their role.

This information would go a long way in clearing up murders, attempted murders, explosions and bank robberies throughout the island of Ireland.

• Ross M Hussey is a UUP MLA for West Tyrone