If it is going to be a no deal Brexit, it should also be no UK money to the EU

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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All this talk about no going back to negotiate with the European Union. It is either accept the deal agreed by Theresa May and the European leaders or it’s a no deal.

From what I see the British government has 39 billion reason to use against the European Union to negotiate or renegotiate a better deal for the British people and a more acceptable deal for the unionist people of Northern Ireland.

Reading between the lines if this backstop isn’t dropped it will mean a united Ireland on all but name if Northern Ireland still has to answer to the European Union rules regulations and laws.

Why should goods being moved between Northern Ireland to England Scotland and Wales be subject to custom checks or vice versa?

We joined as one United Kingdom and we should leave as one. No backstop for Northern Ireland. Why should we be treated any difference from the voters of the other three counties that make up the United Kingdom? Theresa May should be able to get a much better deal for Northern Ireland. She holds the purse string to £39 billion that the European Union want in return for the United Kingdom Brexit deal.

No deal, no money — this should concentrate the minds of the European Union leaders. Britain hold the upper hand and should not be allowing the European Union leaders to dictate what happens now or if when we finally leave.

We should be able to leave on our on terms if they expect Britain to pay £39 billion pounds in compensation.

S. Hanna, Bushmills