If North Antrim recall bid is an SF plot then all MPs are in on it

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

David McNarry and David Campbell (‘Unionists should not support Sinn Fein-led bid to unseat Ian Paisley in North Antrim,’ Aug 17) would have us believe that Ian Paisley is facing the prospect of recall because of “Sinn Fein and their insidious agenda”.

This is an exceedingly odd position to take given that Mr Paisley is only in this situation because he benefitted from two holidays — costing up to £100,000 — secretly paid for by the Sri Lankan government for whom he then lobbied.

This paid advocacy breached parliamentary rules and eared him a 30 day suspension — the longest on record and triggered the petition.

What role did Sinn Fein play in forcing Mr Paisley to accept these holidays? How did Sinn Fein persuade him advocate on behalf of the Christian persecuting Sri Lankan government?

The recommendation that Mr Paisley be suspended for 30 days and the petition be triggered was put to the House of Commons where it passed without a vote — in spite of the Commons being boycotted by Sinn Fein/IRA MPs and all MPs able to have objected to the sanction if they so wished.

Apparently all MPs, including those in Mr Paisley’s former party (he’s suspended from the DUP remember) are in on this fiendish Sinn Fein plot as well.

Add to that the fact that North Antrim is a constituency where over 70% of the vote goes to Unionist candidates and this “insidious agenda” is so insidious that it’s hard to see at all.

Samuel Morrison, Traditional Unionist Dromore Co Down