If SF gets talks reward, it is certain they will create another crisis

Morning View
Morning View

It is not hard to list the things that could be a major problem in any agreement to restore Stormont.

The two key things are approval for legacy processes, including inquests for IRA terrorists, without a pro rata financial figure for money each such mini inquiry gets, and applying it to the Historical Investigations Unit so that IRA killings get the same funds per death.

The other is Irish language legislation that might pave the way for endless future litigation, funded by the taxpayer, to demand Irish facilities across public life, which also will be funded by taxpayers (as well achieving one of its key goals, which is to radically change the feel of Northern Ireland). In other words, any legislation that is even a stepping stone to the goals aired on yesterday’s Nolan Show.

Ulster Scots protection or funds for what is deemed unionist culture is no counter balance for such laws, because there is no intention to mis-use that culture the same way.

But as important as both of the above is the fact that if any deal seems to have rewarded Sinn Fein, then Northern Ireland is in deep short-term trouble (let alone long-term).

The party has brought politics here to a halt. It has inflicted grave damage on public services, such is its single-minded sectarianism. All the while it has had the nerve to be self righteous.

If it gains from the talks, a repeat of the tactics are guaranteed, perhaps as soon as the Conservatives lose office in Westminster, which one day they will — or maybe sooner.