If Stormont is revived we will be held hostage once again

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I read with interest and disappointment Councillor Tom Smith’s letter (‘SF put roadblock in way of Stormont,’ Sep 5) in which he sets out his strong desire for his party (DUP) and Sinn Fein to get back round the executive table.

If Councillor Smith had been an MLA, I would have said that he had adopted his position in order to protect his salary but that is obviously not the case.

I am at a loss, therefore, to understand why a unionist representative should be so keen to grant any power or authority to a party which eulogises those involved in terrorist atrocities, which exploits every opportunity to diminish the Britishness of our citizens, which will sacrifice anything (including our health service and education system) if they reckon that doing so will bring a united Ireland even one day closer and which will never cease adding to its republican demands?

Direct rule is not a panacea but any reinstatement of the mandatory coalition will mean that we are again being held hostage by those who seek to end the existence of Northern Ireland as part of the UK.

Cliff Cardwell, Co Londonderry