If truth is divisive, people just ditch it

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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We are living in very worrying and changing times.

There is nothing sacred anymore and no certainties. The DUP which once adhered to a strict moral code seem to have compromised their principles. Yet people continue to vote for them. Is this a case of the blind leading the blind?

To be fair we don’t have much of a choice because there is no credible unionist opposition. The UUP is just a pale imitation of the DUP.

They are each in tow to what is loosely called “The Peace Process.”

To add to the confusion the Protestant churches are equally committed; if truth is divisive it is watered down or it has to go.

Someone once said that “morally and spiritually the country is on a downward spiral and evangelicals are clapping their hands”. They are not reading the signs of the times - if they were they would be raising their hands in despair.

The nationalist community has no reason to be smug. They continue to vote for parties that have long since abandoned any pretence of promoting Christian values. In doing this they are making an even greater contribution to Ireland’s moral decline.

All the parties affirm their commitment to peace but the presentation is so insincere and so inept. It’s a peace built on crumbling foundations at the expense of truth: “Don’t Offend” is the new mantra.

We all know this and yet we continue to buy into it. No-one in their right mind wants to return to “the troubles,” but if we sacrifice truth to the false gods of peace I find that even more frightening. We need to be careful we are not selling our souls for it.

Clive Maxwell, Ex-DUP member, Bleary