Intolerance shown in Dawkins’ remarks

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I TAKE exception to the comments attributed to Professor Richard Dawkins, when he describes those who hold to the Christian and Biblical view on the formation of the Giant’s Causeway as “intellectual baboons” and find them - along with many others - highly offensive.

It is my personal view, in accordance with the Bible, that the Giant’s Causeway rock formations are as a direct result of the great global flood as recorded in the book of Genesis and not that of the evolutionary geologists who claim through a process of radiometric dating that the magnificent rock formation date back some 60 million years.

The intolerance shown to the Christian convictions of many throughout the world is highlighted once again by the like of Professor Dawkins, who belittles those who hold to Biblical convictions.

It is high time that the likes of this gentleman respected and acknowledged there are many who believe in the old paths and teachings of Holy Scripture and, as Martin Luther stated, “can do no other”.

This is what civil and religous liberty should be about. I would urge Professor Dawkins to in future recognise in his choice of words that there are a great many who hold to Christian values such as portrayed in the work of God and in particular the formation of the Giant’s Causeway some 4,500 years ago.

Cllr Raymond Farrell

Ulster Unionist Party