Investment is needed in teaching

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Press reports on violence against teachers in the classroom is scandalous and sadly not a new discussion subject.

Given the demands of education in a modern society disruptive and violent pupils may later find it difficult to make up lost ground to contribute in a high-tech knowledge based economy.

Teaching is a noble profession. A motivated teacher can make a huge impact, not only within his/her school but in the local community. I’m sure we all know teachers who had such a a positive influence.

Society talks about the cost of education, it doesn’t place sufficient emphasis on investment in education.

It’s a mind-set matter and there is evidence that It’s a false economy to under- invest in the formative years of our young people.

Until we address the matter of long-term planned and effective investment including teacher training, classroom support, dealing with disruptive pupils and developing positive teacher/parent relationships then the plight of teachers will continue; and we will have failed our children. Investing in education will make a difference.

It’s not just the right thing, it’s the smart thing for our society.

Adam Newton, Councillor, DUP, Titanic DEA, Belfast