IRA terrorists were to blame for the Omagh bomb, not the security forces

I was disgusted and shocked to hear on television that there are people in our society who are still prepared to lay the blame of the Omagh bombing on members of the security forces.

Monday, 27th August 2018, 3:34 pm
Updated Monday, 3rd September 2018, 12:18 pm

If these people think for one moment that the ‘law-abiding’ society accepts that not only are they displaying a severe lack of intelligence, but they are directly/indirectly causing enormous pain to those families that suffered the loss of their loved ones.

The Omagh bombing was caused by IRA terrorists who adopted an inhumane modus operandi policy, to stoop to any depth of abject cruelty to achieve their besotted desire of Ireland’s unification.

If the people of 1916, who laid down their lives to achieve Ireland’s unification, saw their country today they would be spinning in their graves.

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After almost 50 years of mayhem, murder and political stagnation, costing 3,000+ unnecessary deaths, Ireland’s six counties are still attached to Britain, the other 26 counties are now under the governmental control of the European Union, a union of 27 foreign nations that have little in common with the people of this island.

So I ask those still seeking a united Ireland, particularly those holding an aversion to anything British, how are you going to achieve Ireland’s unification when 26 counties now part of the EU and the six counties are still part of Britain?

Sinn Fein/IRA’s conflict to attain Ireland’s unification has copper-fastened a situation where the there will not now nor ever be a united Ireland ironically compliments of the people who desire it most.

Harry Stephenson, Kircubbin