Irish American supporters of IRA should pay IRA victims

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I read with it interest the story about victims be denied compensation from the Gaddafi and the Libyan government over the huge amounts of semtex and weapons supplied by them to the IRA (‘Frozen Libya assets released to the Gaddafi family– but not victims,’ February 8).

May I point out that these weapons were mostly likely bought by money raised by Irish Americans to support the Sinn Fien IRA campaign of violence.

So in my mind all victims of IRA violence should not just be entitled to compensation from Gaddafi and Libyan but from the Irish American supporters and the American government who stood by for years and years and let the money flood into the Sinn Fein IRA pockets to fund there terrorist campaign against the Protestant community in Northern Ireland and the British government.

Yet to this day American money is still and always will be allowed to fund Sinn Fein IRA.

I have yet to hear of any money being raised by Americans to support the victims of IRA violence.

S. Hanna, Bushmills