It is beyond time for us to change the politics of Northern Ireland

Having seen Sinn Fein and DUP for the last 50 or so years achieving nothing except reinforcing the green/orange divide at the expense of ordinary politics, I despair that they could ever do anything positive for us in Northern Ireland.

Monday, 11th November 2019, 6:56 pm
Letter to the editor

Indeed over the more recent years they have been stuck in their old world of simplistic mantras which are unrealistic in this decade.

A united Ireland brought about by 50% plus 1 vote is nonsensical.

The clinging to United Kingdom apron strings yet rejecting much of the UK legislation is equally nonsensical.

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We have seen those two parties being incapable of governing, yet pretending that they are looking after the best interests of the Province.

We have seen the incompetence, and worse, from them.

Surely we must believe that it is beyond time for us to change the politics of Northern Ireland.

This election is an opportunity to change the direction of Northern Ireland from closed minded reactionary society to a more open minded progressive society, to non orange versus green and to making NI a vibrant self confident society.

We need to show our confidence to make a change now.

Tom Ekin, Belfast BT9