It is a bit much for an Orangeman to talk about intolerance

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

On reading the News Letter on the 12th of July I read the letter page and would like to reply to John Finlay (‘Our dismay at the denial of our liberties in Dunloy’) and MM Coleraine (‘People know what SF are doing with an Irish language act’).

John talks of the intolerance of the people of Dunloy over the fact that he and others can march there.

That’s much coming from any Orangeman given the fact that Orangemen are encouraged not to sell property, go into business or marriages with their Catholic neighbours.

When Orange bands stop outside Catholic churches and pubs and play sectarian music, that is intolerance.

As for MM Coleraine and the plot to not employ people because they can’t speak Irish would that be the same as people attending interviews wearing a poppy? Would a Catholic be overlooked in such a case?

As for MM’s comment about the Germans’ treatment of the Jews, maybe MM should look at the bonfires with effigies of Catholic men, the pope, politicians etc.

Maybe MM could come to Belfast and see the Nazi flags flying in some areas and then write into tell us what MM thinks.

Lastly remember the old days when the Belfast Telegraph and News Letter printed job vacancies with the stipulation that only Protestants apply.

Joseph Kennedy, Poleglass, Dunmurry