It is the Republic of Ireland that should get special EU status within the UK market

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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It is about time that Northern Ireland and its status within the United Kingdom was stopped being illegally used as a bargaining chip by the Republic and their masters: the EU.

The EU should allow the Republic of Ireland special status within the UK market if they care so much about the failed Belfast Agreement.

That would stop them having to put up a hard border. It is time to call their bluff!

We even had a Dutch prime minister warning about the threat of violence returning because of a hard Brexit.

In parliament we had a so-called unionist alleging that the hole in the wall gang’s bank raids could be dissident republicans getting ready to buy guns with the money in the case of a hard Brexit.

Where does she get her information from?

Opponents of Brexit are citing the threat of terrorism to get their way.

Why should around five million Irish be able to frustrate the democratic vote to leave the EU of over 17.5 million British people?

The EU would not allow the British government to even control immigration that David Cameron had requested as hundreds of thousands from low paid EU countries flooded into the UK — the main reason in working class areas for voting for Brexit.

This may have pleased some employers who wanted cheap labour but frustrated people in areas where the negative impact was felt the most.

We should not let a few well off people stop the will of the British people and break up the United Kingdom for their own financial gain.

John Mulholland, Doagh