It looks like two-tier policing in which PSNI is heavy handed against a loyalist band but allows illegal republican protests

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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I am sick and tired of hearing the IRA sympathising propaganda machine with reference to the Apprentice Boys of Derry Relief of Derry parade on Saturday.

Yes, the Parachute Regiment are being blamed for the murder of people on Bloody Sunday.

Yes, they did fire shots, some would say they returned fire after being shot at.

It’s all contested but the media seem to never bring that fact up.

The nearest point to the parade in which that incident occurred is 600m away at its nearest point.

Blocking the view of where this incident happened is a steep hill, the city walls and about six streets of high buildings.

So the band that wore their uniform with a two-inch motif supporting our armed services was not a ‘deliberate act of provocation’.

Yet the police allowed an illegal un-notified protest by Saoradh.

So if the heavy-handed actions taken by the PSNI that day was all about sensitivity to the location, how come a dissident group was allowed to protest illegally?

Dozens of terrorist atrocities happened within the vicinity of the illegal republican protest

Anyone wishing to make a complaint about the PSNI and how they seem to have a two tier policing system should contact the Police Ombudsman.

John Brennan, Ballygowan