It would be easy for UK to make deal

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Lady Moyra Quigley (May 19) wrongly states that the UK would be left in ‘economic wilderness’ for years with regards to trade deals.

All existing deals would remain in place until replacements were completed. It would be relatively simple for the UK to join EFTA or negotiate a custom British EFTAesque deal and maintain access to the single market as well as the various existing EFTA trade deals – whilst allowing the 95% of UK businesses that do not trade with the EU freedom from swathes of bureaucracy.

Non EU Turkey has a customs union with the EU and various other European countries such as Liechtenstein, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino have customs unions and bespoke deals whilst EFTA countries like Norway and EEA countries like Iceland all have access to the ‘single market’ whilst not being in the EU. The PM of non EU Georgia has stated they are working with the EU to include George in the US-EU TTIP deal. So it is clear a bespoke deal retaining all existing arrangements until such time as new ones are put is place is entirely possible whilst freeing up small businesses and regaining UK sovereignty to negotiate its own trade deals.

Alan Day, Coagh