Jim Allister: It is telling that no-one was brought to justice for Enniskillen IRA bomb

The aftermath of the 1987 IRA atrocity at the cenotaph in Enniskillen. Pacemaker Press

Yesterday we marked 30 years since one of the IRA’s most bloodthirsty and vile attacks, the cenotaph bombing in Enniskillen.

I counted it an honour to attend the official unveiling of the Memorial.

Letters to Editor

The Enniskillen bombing epitomised everything that was evil, sectarian and indescribably wicked about the IRA terror campaign.

The fact that no one has been brought to justice for this heinous atrocity speaks both to the protection which some – while indulging in hypocritical platitudes – have continued to offer the perpetrators and the supremacy of “the process” over justice.

Was it just too embarrassing in a time when terrorists were being elevated to government to have the full truth exposed? McGuinness took to the grave what he knew about this and multiple other atrocities and other Sinn Fein leaders are likewise holding back.

The contrast between effective immunity for terrorist murderers, such as those who perpetrated the Poppy Day Massacre, and the relentless pursuit of security personnel for every perceived failing only adds to the sense of injustice which the law abiding community bears.

Jim Allister QC, MLA, TUV leader, Nth Antrim

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