Jim Allister: It is time to stop pandering to SF and get on with direct rule

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

A primary responsibility of government is to govern!

Today’s decision by the High Court on the incinerator illustrates why the secretary of state must cease shirking her responsibilities.

Mrs Bradley has dragged her feet too long on establishing direct rule. Her failure to give us government is driven by two equally disreputable motives: a craven desire to pander to those who want Northern Ireland to be ungovernable, Sinn Fein, and a clumsy attempt to use the vacuum to force a return to the failed system of mandatory coalition.

It is time to stop playing games and give us government.

Government can come from only one of two places – Stormont or Westminster.

Stormont is clearly inoperable. That being so there is an onus on Westminster to get on with the job.

Jim Allister, MLA, TUV leader