Jim Allister: Now more than ever unionists must put country before party

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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Whether you laugh or cry at the evidence transfixing the Province from the RHI inquiry, its insight into government at Stormont, as operated by the DUP, reveals an appalling vista of incompetence, arrogance and embarrassment.

Far more importantly it is doing untold damage to the image of unionism as responsible, prudent and efficient in government.

The self-inflicted reputational damage is immense.

Enabling the terrorist-supporting Sinn Fein to hector on the standards required in government is a telling indictment of where Stormont as operated has brought us.

Surrender of the moral high ground through the excesses of office is a betrayal.

Now, in truth, we’d be better to move to a period of stabilising British rule before further devolution is attempted.

Any return to Stormont, blighted with the RHI baggage, will be exploited by a Sinn Fein gifted with an arsenal of ammunition against unionist ability and motive.

This may be a message unpalatable to some, not least because of the identification of the messenger, but for the sake of unionism I implore reflection.

The exhortation to put country before party has never been more apt.

Jim Allister QC, MLA, Nth Antrim, TUV leader