Jim Allister: The sentiment of what Karen Bradley said is valid even though her choice of words was clumsy

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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The secretary of state misspeaks and there is a torrent of condemnation that nothing can assuage; Sinn Fein leaders indulge in serial glorification of IRA terrorism and it barely merits a mention in the media.

That is the distorted world of “the peace process” where it’s a gold standard for government and no standard for republicanism.

Some — not all — who have denounced the Secretary of State would do well to first remove the beam from their own eye.

I hold no brief for Karen Bradley — a woman who so despises those I represent that she refuses to meet me — but the sentiment she weakened by her clumsy choice of words is still valid, namely, that terrorists choose to be terrorists and went out to kill, while the security forces overwhelmingly were peace, not victim, makers.

But for the security forces the terrorists, of all shades, would have murdered many more, which, of course, still grates with those on the side of the terrorists.

Jim Allister MLA, Stormont