Jim Allister: This is no time to show weakness to Brussels over Brexit

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Media reports of some DUP figures softening on Brexit are concerning.

Just as it is no time to show weakness to Brussels, so it is no time for supporters of Brexit to lose their nerve.

Suggestions from at least one MP in the DUP that he would might contemplate the backstop if it was time limited is foolishness.

The backstop is so antithetical to the Union that no unionist should be contemplating it for even one second, never mind one year.

Likewise, any willingness to embrace a soft Brexit, such as the whole UK staying in the EU customs union and single market, would make a mockery of Brexit and utterly defeat its purpose. Now, is a time to stand resolute.

Nor, should any convinced Brexiteer shy away from a ‘no deal’ outcome if it is forced upon us. It is not being sought, but if such is the price of EU intransigence then so be it.

It would be madness to remove it from the table and thereby aid the defeat of Brexit, which is why, of course, europhile Remainers have this as their primary target.

They should get no succour as they seek to systematically dismantle the people’s verdict.

Jim Allister, MLA, North Antrim