Just imagine a world where Remain win a second referendum by 52% to 48%

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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There has been a lot of discussion about the potential for a second referendum.

It wouldn’t be undemocratic, but it would represent another systemic failure of government and lead to further political turmoil.

Those calling for such a referendum, primarily to try and overturn the result of the first Brexit referendum, have every right to do so.

I can’t imagine Farage, Rees-Mogg et all accepting the original result if it had been 52:48 in favour of Remain and no doubt we would now be embroiled in further campaigns to take us out of the EU.

Having the right to do something and actually doing it are two completely different things. Those calling for a second referendum don’t actually know what the question in such a referendum would be.

Their hope being that the Withdrawal Agreement, previously tagged as the best of both worlds by those who would campaign against it now, is so unpalatable that hardline Brexiteers would not support it leaving the way open for Remain to win.

Such action doesn’t actually solve anything.

The issues that persuaded the majority of people in the UK to vote leave have still not been addressed and indeed the EU progresses at pace with other unpalatable proposals.

Imagine if there was a second referendum and either side won 52:48 – what would it solve?

Politics has stagnated now for three years, across the UK health, education, crime, defence, the environment and every major issue has been ignored while politicians ritually play the Brexit game.

The UK needs a period of stability, a period of real politics dealing with real issues.

The No Deal Brexit favoured by some is an economic disaster, overturning the decision and staying in without addressing any of the issues which caused the Brexit decision in the first place will create more political upheaval.

Respecting the decision and agreeing a close relationship with the EU represents an opportunity to reflect on the way forward and introduce some stability into UK politics.

Delivering a Withdrawal Agreement which does not result in internal east -west barriers would allow politics to refocus on the many areas outside Brexit requiring attention.

Stephen Nicholl, Ex-UUP councillor, Antrim town