Labour speaks of quality of life but not for the unborn

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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Mr John McDonnell MP, the UK shadow Chancellor, is reported as saying on Monday at the Connolly lecture at Belfast Feile an Phobail (incidently, in native Irish the word Pobal is generally associated with a Catholic Church or a tent; Feile an Phobail, in the context of the Belfast festival, appears to me to be misplaced) that:

“We want social justice for everybody.

“Our objective is to improve the quality of life and life chances for everybody.”

He also said: “Labour’s programme was inspired by Connolly.”

If Mr McDonnell is inspired by Connolly, then, he either hasn’t a very deep knowledge of James Connolly and the latter’s world view, or if Mr McDonnell has, then he does Connolly a disservice by linking him to the present-day Labour Party.

James Connolly respected human life (read his legal defence following the 1916 rising, a copy of which he gave to his daughter on the night before his execution at Kilmainham prison in Dublin); James Connolly would be horrified by the present-day Labour Party’s chilling disregard for unborn human life.

How on earth can Mr McDonnell say, with a straight face, that he desires to “improve the quality of life and life chances for everybody”, when the Labour Party turns a blind eye to the mass slaughter of unborn humankind in the UK, nine million to date and counting?

Micheal O’Cathail, Fermanagh