Left wing politicians tell untruths as well as right wing ones so are as deserving of scrutiny

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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In his comment Brian McClinton (‘Boris Johnson and Donald Trump seem just like each other — you could not trust them as far as you could throw them,’ June 20) gives a scathing condemnation of the lifestyles and the telling of untruths or lies by both President Donald Trump and in all probability the next British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

It would be a brave and indeed a foolish person who would try to argue against or dispute any of the facts he has written.

My problem with this commentary is to why Brian has focused his attention on two political giants whose views would be described as right wing and Conservative.

It would have been fair and balanced (and more truthful) if he had also included those whose politics were to the left and opposite to those of both Donald Trump and Boris Johnson.

There are of course a number of these and in the United States could not President Bill Clinton be described as a habitual liar a cheat and a sexist in relation to his affair with Monica Lewinsky?

While Prime Minister Tony Blair’s private life may not be as colourful as that of Boris Johnson his speech to Parliament stating that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction which could attack the United Kingdom within 45 minutes led to war in Iraq with the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians and British soldiers being killed.

This untruth or lie is far more serious that anything Boris Johnson has said or done in either his private or public life.

For all of the failings of both President Donald Trump or Boris Johnson I would support them in any election knowing that those who would be the alternative would have been Hillary (crooked) Clinton, or someone of the same ilk in 2020, and in the United Kingdom the socialist Jeremy Corbyn.

Walter Millar, Cookstown