Letter is an attempt to link Alliance to Sinn Féin, but this tactic failed in the elections

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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In reference to Raymond Stewart’s letter (‘It is clear Sinn Fein has embraced Alliance Party MEP’, June 18), it is nothing more than another poor attempt to link Alliance to Sinn Féin, a tactic which didn’t work for those unionists who attempted to use it in the recent council and European elections, both of which saw major Alliance successes.

The DUP’s Diane Dodds was also invited to the meeting with Michel Barnier to which Mr Stewart refers, however, she did not attend.

That is hardly conducive to being the strong voice in Europe that the DUP pledged to be during the MEP election campaign.

In addition, while on her first few visits to Brussels, Naomi Long also carried out other meetings, including with the permanent United Kingdom and Irish delegations, the head of the Northern Ireland Bureau and Liberal Democrat MEPs.

In other words, carrying out the job she was elected to do.

People right across our community, whether unionist, nationalist or other, voted for Alliance council candidates and Naomi Long for MEP.

That is what the Alliance surge is all about — the public saying they are fed up with the orange and green politics of the past, and parties doing something because another party does the opposite.

Naomi Long was part of the constructive meeting with Michel Barnier to highlight remaining in the European Union is still the best outcome for the UK.

That’s what she will continue to do, having been elected by people right across Northern Ireland to defend their interests in Europe and represent everyone in an inclusive manner.

Stewart Dickson, Alliance Party MLA, East Antrim