The NHS has taken over the church as the UK’s national religion

I have been thinking these last few weeks how the NHS is being turned into a veritable Golden Calf by the state, media, and a great swathe of the population.

By Gareth Herron
Saturday, 18th April 2020, 7:00 am
Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

No doubt it is a great service and many wonderful folk do excellent work in it, and most for no great financial reward.

But where people are placing it in their lives, and how they laud it, is concerning.

Robert Shrimsley writes in the Financial Times, “Critics will legitimately question [Johnson’s] stewardship of this crisis. The UK death toll may end up being the highest in Europe and there are issues around the availability of protective clothing for health workers. But his personal crisis has replenished his political capital ...

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“The emotional film released soon after he left hospital was superbly pitched. … Now, with his heartfelt praise for the organisation which ‘saved my life,’ a Tory leader has made himself high priest of the institution, described as the UK’s national religion.

When even secular institutions like the FT can see that the NHS has taken over the church as “the UK’s national religion”, we need to be careful.

For all the good it does, the NHS kills tens of thousands of babies in the womb each year, it provides thousands of sex change operations to people who need real mental healthcare.

So we need to be careful about placing it on any altar. Thank its good staff, and thank God for his providence in providing talented people that can save lives. And remember at the end of the day, it is an expensive service that you pay for.

Sin is still the biggest killer on earth accounting for one out of one deaths, and the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only remedy for sin.

God alone is worthy of mans worship and praise.

Gareth Herron, Annalong