The anti protocol rallies achieved nothing positive for unionism

A letter from Raymon McCord:

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Thursday, 12th May 2022, 7:09 am
Updated Thursday, 12th May 2022, 7:57 am
Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The total failure of the TUV to gain even one more seat lies in the hands of Jim Allister. Spin wont wash, it’s about seats.

Doug Beattie’s UUP got nine times the number of seats as the TUV. Jamie Bryson stupidly criticised Doug Beattie and the UUP. The DUP loses seats and votes and Jeffrey Donaldson says they did well?

The poorly supported anti protocol rallies have achieved nothing positive for unionism, losing seats is not a positive result.

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No one from Alliance attended the protocol rallies yet they more than doubled their seats to 17. I’m sure the TUV would have liked to double their number of seats. Anti protocol rallies never gained one extra seat for them, it cost the DUP seats.

The assembly needs to be up and running now. Our unelected spokespersons in the unionist community can twist it to suit their own agenda but votes make seats and seats determine who holds power and ministerial positions.

As a member of the unionist community I have no fear of those who actually won the election and those with the greater number of seats.

I’m fortunate as I believe in democracy not hyped up rhetoric full of nonsense.

Raymond McCord, Victims campaigner, North Belfast

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