The unionist people have been sold out again by a new prime minister

I fully agree with Ben Lowry (‘So much for Boris helping unionists out of guilt for his betrayal of them,’ December 21) regarding Boris Johnson’s betrayal of the DUP and the that the Tories are frightened to speak out against nationalism in case they offend them.

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

No mention is made that Sinn Fein do not take their seats in Westminster and I expect they are still getting some form of payment or not being there.

I see the SDLP have taken their seats with a few protests called an affirmation, whatever that means. It is a wonder they take a wage as it is British money.

Former prime ministers have made mistakes also regarding our troubled past, Boris isn’t the only one but at least Margaret Thatcher eventually said she made mistakes regarding Northern Ireland, one of which was the signing of the Anglo Irish Agreement in 1985, so let us hope Boris will not make any more mistakes.

The unionist people have been sold out again by a new prime minister. I know that he needed to get Brexit sorted out. I am glad we are now leaving but at least the DUP brought money into Northern Ireland and everybody benefited, nationalist and unionist alike.

When I look back on the Troubles and know what we went through, bombings, killings and our towns and villages destroyed by terrorists, the unionists are the forgotten people of Northern Ireland, and I cannot see any way past this impasse if the nationalists get their way and the same goes for Scotland and Wales and they are determined to break up the Union.

Margaret Little, Lisburn