Looking forward to 2017 and Brexit

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

As one of the 44% of the Northern Ireland public (part of the UK 52%) who proudly voted Leave on June 22 2016 I await next year with much excitement and hope.

The UK referendum in which saw 17.4 million people voting to leave the European Union was the biggest political shock, certainly of this century.

Brexit was a long shot and the Prime Minister David Cameron was confident of a remain win.

The UK is often seen as the home of democracy and the envy of the world in how we conduct ourselves in Parliament and run out Kingdom..

The people have spoken-I have faith in our current Prime Minister, Theresa May to deliver the best deal for all us in the United Kingdom.

Article 50 will be activated in March enabling the UK to disengage from the political union that is the EU.

Exciting opportunities will present and the chance to reach out to the wider world the whole world.

As the fifth biggest economy in the world we should be confident and have no fear in becoming fully independent once again.

Each of the four countries of the UK I’m sure will be facilitated to ensure that we remain united and vibrant with all our diversities taken into consideration to ensure a strong United Kingdom.

E Johns, Co Armagh