Lowry’s outlandish praise of Kevin Myers

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

In response to what I can only call three outlandish statements by Ben Lowry (The sacking of Kevin Myers silences one of the best columnists in the British Isles, Aug 5) in his full page praise of Kevin Myers, whom I did think in his most recent Sunday Times contribution was taken out of context:

1. For a much travelled person to praise or compare Jeremy Clarkson to Myers, my God, this what I can only call an eejit who said publicly that those who committed suicide by jumping in front of a trains were selfish and should have part of their remains retrieved for “foxy woxy” to dispose of them.

2. Ben’s assertion that Kevin Myers was correct saying that anti-war demonstrators inadvertently help protect war-mongering dictators. Is he saying that one million people in London demanding that Iraq war be stopped were wrong? If so, he must think that Iraq is now a success not for war-mongering dictators but war-mongering so called democracies USA, Britain etc.

3. The real outrageous assertion that Israel post 1948 is a Jewish genius and shining civilisation. Surely Ben in his travels must have heard of Israel being responsible for keeping one and a half million fellow human beings in an open air prison, no escape by land, sea or air, restricting their food, water, medicine etc. to less than the bare minimum.

And daily and nightly the IDF patrol Palestinians lands, protecting Jewish settlers living in illegal settlements built on lands stolen from the Palestinians they now imprison, regularly killing men women and children who rightly resent the illegal settlements built on the sites of their former homes and lands.

Yet the democracies of the world ignore this major breach of international law and countless UN resolutions but demand and carry out sanctions on Russia for peacefully annexing Crimea after holding a referendum with 94% approval vote to do so.

Now that is what I call double standards and hypocrisy.

Peter McEvoy, Banbridge

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