Many of us who supported the marathon in past years felt unable to do so this year due to it being held on Sunday

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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The reason given by the Belfast City Marathon organisers as to why they got the distance wrong this year was: human error.

I suggest the decision to hold it on a Sunday was also wrong and human error.

There is something amiss in our society when the things of God are being relegated to secondary importance.

It is sad when we consider that, for some people, Sunday May 5 was the first time ever when they were unable to go to their place of worship in their normal manner.

Many Christians cannot understand why others chose to deny them their right of travel at the very time of day when it caused the most disruption for church services.

This freedom has been an integral part of local culture for generations in Northern Ireland, yet it was discounted as if it no were of no consequence.

The decision was justified on the grounds of increased revenue and increased numbers. I think, however, we need to remember there is more to life and the good of society than money.

We also have a spiritual dimension and this decision indicates that many are ignoring that fact. Life and what makes community is more than just finance and fun and flags, there is also faith.

Many of us have supported and participated in the marathon in previous years but this year we felt that opportunity was denied to us.

In addition, some were forced to either miss or reschedule Sunday services, without consultation and it would seem, without consideration.

God is to be worshipped as the One who is supreme and who is first and higher than all others and all else.

Sunday, the Lord’s Day, is that day which is particularly set aside for the worship of God. It is for the Christian the day we celebrate the resurrection, and it should be for us all a day of rest.

I advocate for the good of us all, don’t make the same wrong decision for next year, rather return the marathon to Bank Holiday Monday.

Hugh Martin, Belfast BT5