Mary Lou no-one in their right mind would want to live in your united Ireland when Brexit arrives

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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With regard to the visit of Boris Johnson on July 31, our TV screens were adorned with the ‘respect demanders’ of Sinn Fein hissing their venom as part of a non-welcoming ceremony for our new prime minister.

Their assault started off with a bit of tail rattling over the DUP dining out with Mr Johnson and trying to make issue of impartiality from the DUP/Conservative party’s confidence and supply arrangement which has benefited SF’s voters as much as anyone else in terms of the extra revenue raised.

Mary Lou McDonald’s amnesia however surfaced again when she chose to forget about the clandestine dinners that republicans have held over the years and whose intentions would have been anything but in favour of pro-unionists.

This culminated in Ms McDonald dictating to the UK PM that a border poll must be called.

Mary Lou, who, including your supporters, in their right mind would want to live in your united Ireland when Brexit arrives?

Don’t all of the predictions of economic downturn, inflation, food shortages, job losses etc in the Republic, speak for themselves?

Not to mention a myriad of other crucial issues such as protection for pro-unionist peoples from your republican brethren.

If Leo Varadkar smugly thinks he can use Europe to smash the UK by forcing a ‘no deal’ to subsequently unite Ireland, then he is a bigger fool than what Boris Johnson is portrayed to be!

Archibald Toner, Dromore, Co Down