MEPs must stop the horror of bullfighting

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On Wednesday, October 28th, a vote will take place in the European Parliament that could deal a devastating blow to the cruel practice of bullfighting.

Each year, £110 million in EU funding goes to support farmers who rear bulls for bullfights.

This is taxpayers’ money being used to subsidise one of the most horrific forms of animal cruelty ever devised.

According to the 2013 report “Toros & Taxes”, compiled by Spanish MEPs, “without such backing bullfighting itself would probably be on the brink of financial collapse”.

Last year a motion calling for the scrapping of the subsidies was defeated by a narrow margin.

This week, hopefully, MEPs will vote in the plenary session of the European Parliament to end the financial backing of bullfighting via the bull breeding funds.

These subsidies are completely at variance with the anti cruelty measures and aspirations laid out in the European Commission’s Animal Welfare Action Plan.

Bullfighting is an affront to all civilised values.

Even before entering the bullring, the animals are beaten over the kidneys with sandbags, weakened with laxatives, and have petroleum jelly rubbed into their eyes to impair their already weak vision. Then, before the matador performs his swaggering routine, the bull is repeatedly stabbed with razor sharp lances and darts. Often the bull will drown in his own blood before the matador gets to stab him with his sword.

Anyone who opposes bullfighting should lobby his/her MEP to back the motion to end the subsidies and thus help consign this nightmarish blood sport to history.

Thanking you,

John Fitzgerald, PRO, Campaign for the Abolition Of Cruel Sports