Methodist president’s plea to politicians: ‘Spare no effort in order to find a way to avoid a no deal Brexit’

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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Along with many others, I am deeply concerned about the growing anxiety, intensifying stress increasing conflict and confusion being experienced throughout the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland as a consequence of the current political climate as Brexit negotiations continue.

Recognising the damage this is doing, and the potential for even more trauma and negativity that a ‘no deal’ Brexit will bring, I appeal to all politicians, in Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Republic, together with all those representing the interests of the European Union, to spare no effort in order to find a way to avoid a ‘no deal Brexit’.

Be assured that I and people across the country, the island of Ireland and the continent of Europe are praying to this end in support of this work.

Rev Sam McGuffin, President of Methodist Church