Mr Varadkar, how would a unified Ireland benefit us?

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar TD speaking to the Chamber of Commerce in the city of Londonderry in 2017
Taoiseach Leo Varadkar TD speaking to the Chamber of Commerce in the city of Londonderry in 2017

It’s with great disappointment that I read the comments of Taoiseach Varadkar in the News Letter on January 2 [‘Varadkar hopes to see united Ireland ‘with cross-community support’’]

Read Mr Varadkar’s remarks here.

Letters to editor

Letters to editor

I’m a young unionist, I’m passionate about the Union and I wish to remain in the UK.

I respect the views of Taoiseach Varadkar (pictured) and his political aspirations, however, he is not doing anything to convince me that life is better under his government than in the UK.

Does he not understand that Northern Ireland needs unity, it needs togetherness, it needs to work through it’s issues.

It does not need divisive comments or distractions.

As a young unionist, it is clear to me that the Taoiseach has one end game-namely Irish unity under Dublin. Unionism needs to wake up. We do not realise the many benefits that we receive by being part of the UK.

Economic, social, defence and health benefits. A lot of people are more than happy with the status quo.

But we need to be alert to the fact that the Irish Government wants to do all in it’s power to change the status quo.

Northern Ireland is considerably more affluent and prosperous under the UK.

I would much rather live and bring up a family in a nation that has free health care, a larger defence force, greater standing across the word and a larger economy than in a nation that is weak.

I accept that there are issues in our country but these things are fact. I would challenge all unionists and anyone who is happy with the standard of life in Northern Ireland, it is crucial that we vote and stand together in a dignified and peaceful way so that the Taoiseach sees that Unionism will not be pushed over and is passionate about staying in the UK.

I would like to ask Taoiseach Varadkar to tell me why my standard of life would be better in a united Ireland?

As I see it there are no benefits and all he is doing is trying to promote his own political agenda instead of encouraging good relations between our two countries.

Derek Lynch, Limavady, Co Londonderry