The murder of innocent victims in pursuit of a delusional human rights agenda best describes the violent campaign against the unborn

Henry Kissinger said: “Information threatens to overwhelm wisdom”.

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Les Allamby of the NIHCR (NI Human Rights Commission) welcomes: “the movement on human rights compliant laws around termination of pregnancy” (Politics, Dec 18).

Lord Morrow and Baroness O’Loan (Parliament’s new Northern Ireland abortion law undermines Stormont, Dec 18) attempt to expose the defective political and democratic processes that have inflicted a murderous abortion settlement on Northern Ireland.

The problem for many readers is that the complexities of this subject can seem overwhelming. Should we believe Les Allamby or Baroness O’Loan? The way forward here is to inject some basic science into the dialogue.

Two pro-life groups, Brephos and CBRUK, deserve the thanks of NI people for exposing the barbarity of current abortion practice in the UK. A six minute free on-line film looks at the impact of recent CBRUK campaigning-’#StopStella: What Really Happened?’ Harrowing film images, of the victim of a later abortion, expose the ghastly law that exists in Great Britain.

Images of an unborn human of around three months expose just how well formed the foetus is at the start of life. People unaware of this fact can easily be deceived by supporters of abortion.

Should we view unrestricted abortion as an extension of terrorism? The murder of innocent victims, in pursuit of a delusional human rights agenda, perhaps best describes the violent campaign being waged against the vulnerable unborn. One of the best ways to honour the dead of The Troubles is by opposing abortion.

The DUP and Arlene Foster have shown incredible bravery defending the unborn in the House of Commons. Christians should continue to vote for pro-life parties, where they have a chance of local victory. In other situations it may be useful to vote tactically, for candidates who are pro-life life, even if their Party is not.

The agents of King Herod did not manage to kill the infant Jesus that first Christmas over 2000 years ago. ‘The Chief Commissioner of the NIHRC’, and everyone else alive today, will have to give an account of their lives to the ‘Chief Commissioner of the Universe’-the Lord Jesus Christ.

People considering any involvement, in what might be construed as the murder or abuse of unborn children, would do well to listen to the wisdom of Arlene Foster and the DUP-who have miraculously managed to inject biblical truth into the wider public debate on UK abortion law.

Saint Paul says-”nothing you do in the Lord’s service is ever useless”. Sharing on-line images of the unborn may the most effective witness against abortion available to NI Christians (e.g. Brephos/CBRUK websites).

CBR say:”abortion represents an evil so inexpressible that words fail us when attempting to describe its horror. Until abortion is seen, it will never be understood.”.

Dr James Hardy, Belfast BT5